I,Lerina Lichelle, was an Au Pair in 2004 – 2006 for the Winter Shaham family in Silver Spring, Maryland. I took care of a 18month old boy (Nathan) and a 4 year old girl (Ilana).  My host family was the best and I had a wonderful time. We went to Delaware for the summer. Almost every weekend me and my friends went to Washington DC to experience the different cuisine, parades, shows and festivals. I went to Disney world in Orlando, Florida for my vacation. We are still in contact and I visited them in the beginning of 2009 and I am still in contact with them. I was in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Delaware, Texas, Pennsylvania, and California. Other countries I visited UK, India, Belgium and Canada. Travelling is a big passion of mine and I would love to take a tour around the world one day. I am so excited and looking forward to assist you to experience America, Netherlands or the country you would like to AuPair in and make life long friends from around the world. I am a people’s person, a good listener, compassionate and a good communicator.

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I, Petro Fourie, went to visit and travel in America for awhile in 2005. I enjoyed the culture and lifestyle of America. I went to Washington Dc, Virginia, Maryland and New York! New York and Washington DC was by far the best cities to explore. I got to see the White House, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, The Capitol and so much more!! I also visited Miami, San Diego, New Jersey and soon Chicago. It was a dream come true and I am looking forward to assist you to go to the Netherlands or America. Come so that we can let you experience the different and exciting cultures. My daughter was an Au Pair abroad, so I know exactly how parents feel when their children want to Au Pair abroad. I also wanted to make sure that my child willl be safe when she is abroad. I can truly say that she really enjoyed her time as an Au Pair in America and the Au Pair program is a very good structured program and keep the youngsters safe abroad. Especially with the companies we work with abroad, your children will always have a roof over their head, meals and well taken care of at all times!

Petro Fourie

Regions: Cape Town/West Coast/Free State/Northern Cape/Across South Africa
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