Au Pair China


The main task of an Au Pair is caring for the host family’s children for about 6 hours a day or 30 hours a week.

This may include taking them to and from kindergarten, school or activities, playing with them inside and outside the house, doing arts and crafts or other fun projects, helping them with homework and/or taking them to bed at night. You are also asked to perform light household chores, which include preparing small meals for the children, straightening up, washing, ironing, mopping, vacuuming and just in general cleaning up by yourself.

Sometimes your host family may ask you to do some grocery shopping for the family and yourself.


  • Visa invitation letter;
  • Airport/Train Pick up;
  • Arrival Orientation;
  • Assistanting with registration at the local Police station;
  • Language classes at least twice a week throughout you stay, thus 60 hours/3 months
  • 24/7 emergency call number;
  • Welcome package (map/bus card/SIM card)
  • Au Pair monthly activities;
  • Personal Accident Insurance. (If you do not have )
  • The ticket reimbursement:
    (1) 2500 rmb for the 1st Quarter of your stay (1st 3 months)
    (2) 2500 rmb for the 2nd Quarter of your stay (2nd 3 months)
    (3) 2500 rmb for the 3rd Quarter of your stay (3rd months)
    (4) 2500 rmb for the last Quarter of your stay (one year)


  • The AP should be between 18 and 29 years old with clear oral English.
  • The AP should be single, unmarried and should have no children of your own.
  • The AP should provide a medical examination report declaring him/her physically and mentally capable of being an Au Pair.
  • The AP should have a High School Diploma at least.
  • The AP should have a clean criminal record.
  • The AP should have some childcare experience, like having taken care of your neighbors’ kids or having completed an internship in a nursery school etc.
  • The AP should be ready to stay in Qingdao – China for three, six or twelve months.
  • The AP should be willing to integrate into a Chinese host family and adapt to living habits and customs in China easily.
  • The AP have to cover your travel expenses to and from Qingdao-China. Then upon completion of the program you can get a refound depending on how long you stay here.
  • The AP should be willing to stay for a minimum of three or six months on F- visa.


We meet for our interview and discuss all the questions. We give you all the documents you need in order to complete your portfolio and go over all documents needed. Everything will be explained to you in detail and if you have any questions we go over it. The R1500 for profile documentation and profile assistance is payable.

Once you got all the needed documents together and completed the application forms you hand it back to us in person, per post or email.
Upon receipt of the documents, our head office go through your portfolio and send it through to the office in China. The 2nd fee of R2000 is payable at this stage. Your profile will be entered into our partners’ online database and you will be matched with a Chinese family. Families will Skype with you once or twice and ask you questions to make sure you are the right Au Pair for their family. Once you’ve matched with a family then the matching fee is due.
We organize the visa appointment for you at the Chinese embassy.

Tourist info

You can take a hike on the great wall, cuddle a Giant Panda and experience a Chinese High-Speed Rail Ride. Visit temples, beautiful mountains, palaces and the famous forbidden city.


Au Pair monthly activities;


Arrival Orientation