Success stories of Au Pairs that we placed as Au Pairs in USA and Netherlands

I am an Au Pair for 2 boys in Michigan. I absolute enjoy every minute of it. I get to meet so many new people and not to even say about the places I got to travel to. There are lots of memories made when you spend a year in America. Therefore I decided to extend my stay and stay another year. Come on get your profile started to start your dream! Trust me Taking Abroad is the best agent, as they are always there to help you. They even allowed me to make use of their skype so the family could ‘meet’ me. You won’t regret it.
Eliska Koorts
I don’t feel like I am working. I feel more like a sister to the children who takes care of them and helps in the household. That’s a great feeling, to be accepted as a family member. Upon finishing my year in Switzerland I am off to the States.
My year was the best year ever! I had a great time and a wonderful experience. My host family was the best and I love them so much! I learned a lot about myself this year, what I can be and what I am able to do! My local coordinator was always there to support me and help where she can. Thank you for letting me apart of Taking Abroad, it was truly an honor!
My year in Netherlands is the best ever! I really enjoyed my time there because I got to travel to France, Spain and Italy. My host family was amazing. They made me feel apart of the family and included me in there day to day lives.
Taking Abroad Au Pair Agency, has given me the opportunity to experience a fantastic, exciting, once in lifetime working holiday in the United States of America! The professional staff at Taking Abroad Au Pairs made applying for a Job with a wonderful American family and getting my Aupair visa a piece of cake. Not only were they there to help me when applying for a job every step of the way, they have kept in contact with me in America and have kept in contact with my family in South Africa, making sure that both my family and I are coping apart and doing well.They have truly helped me make this a magnificent experience.
I recently underwent a transition whereby I was suited to a new family because things did not work out with my first family, I thought it would be a scary nerve wracking experience but together with my local co-ordinates here in the USA and the kind staff at Taking Abroad in South Africa, who comforted me and supported me every step of the way, made it easy for me to find a new family and get settled in comfortably and not worry at all, not only were they there for me but they were there to comfort my family back in South Africa assuring them that I am doing well and that everything is going smoothly with the transition.I am now suited to a wonderful family and am having the time of my life experiencing everything the United States of America has to offer because I have the support and the security of my Agency. Thank you Taking Abroad Aupairs for allowing me this wonderful opportunity!
Shonleigh Dreghorn (New Jersey)
I made friends with Au Pairs from all over the world. I am learning so much about other countries and I feel so much richer than I was before. I’m making memories that is going to last a lifetime. I have a whole new perspective on live and the things that matter. I am most greatfull to Taking Abroad for this wonderful opportunity.
Erna Joubert
My name is Stacy and I started off Au pairing in the Netherlands, it was such a great experience that i decided to try it again. I now Au pair for 4 little kids in Albany NY and yeah there are days when it is tough for us all but the joys always seem to balance out my life perfectly. My host family became a real part of my family so I decided to extend with them for 2 years and I cant imagine leaving them behind in a few months, but the things I have seen,learnt and done while with them will stay with me forever. Believe it or not, I love Au pairing so much that soon I will be heading off to Belgium too (that’s 4 years of Au pairing and having the time of my life)…. try it, you might just end up loving it :)
Taking Abroad found me a great teaching job in Taiwan. I thought it might be a bit scary living in another country but with all there support and the support of the school I settled right in. I enjoyed my stay.
I was an AuPair in America for 2 years and decided I am up to a new adventure. The professional staff at Taking Abroad assisted me to find a great host family in Canada. I am planning on staying for 3 years. I must say I absolutely enjoy every moment in Canada.